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DateChooserBean, the definitive date field!

Published by admin on Sunday, May 31, 2009 - 23:48:51 - Filed under General, News, Announcements, Development, Plugins/beans, Servoy

I have finished today testing and packaging the first release of my DateChooserBean.

I think it is a valuable replacement for the Servoy field of displayType “CALENDAR” with its look dating from good old Java 1.1 :))

This bean took me a considerable amount of time to make, although my first idea was just to make a reusable component based on the nice JCalendar bean from that I already used in some project.

When I discovered the IServoyAwareBean interface it seemed to be what I was looking for, but then I wanted my bean to be used just like any regular field, meaning that it HAD to be web compatible.

Now, go search for information on the Servoy implementation of Wicket…

I have looked everywhere in the forum, on the web, I even send some PM to a few members of the Servoy forum, and asked for help from Johan Compagner, with no tangible results.

The only thing I had was the sources from the TreeViewBean (an older version) that someone in Servoy send me a few months ago when I complained that there was no information or examples on how to build Wicket components for Servoy, which is still true.

Anyway, I did it, and I hope that people will enjoy it and use it.

It was for me a good challenge to get my head around a few design principles in doing Servoy beans with Swing AND Wicket components and make all this work seamlessly…

And it could serve as a showcase on how to build fully compatible Swing AND Wicket components for Servoy.

Just because I would really like to see more of these around…